About the Author

I have lived a life of dreams, of looking over the horizon and imagining what lies beyond. Always hopeful and willing to take that first step into the next adventure.

Born and raised in Illinois and transplanted to California, I now reside in a small town near San Diego. In addition to my writing, I run my own manicuring salon called 'The Pinky Toe Nail Spa.'

With two grown and married children,my family has already grown. And so far I have one adorable grandchild, whose antics I fashion my children after when I write. This has been the beginning of a truly wonderful time in my life, I only wish I could time travel back like my characters, I would have put the pen to the paper much sooner. There are so many stories stored in my mind just waiting to be lived by the readers.

Look for 'Rowan' the second in this series about the Murray Clan. And there will be one more following, covering the lives of the remaining children and all their own adventures.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment on the authors page via Xlibris/ Or look for me on facebook.